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Studio One 5 Undo stops working BUG!

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asked Jul 26 in Studio One 5 by romaindescampe (1,150 points)
I've noticed now on two separate occasions that the Undo (CMD-Z) function stops working all of a sudden in the middle of a session. I cannot use Undo from the "Edit" dropdown menu either, but can use the Undo history window to go back to a previous point.

This problem persists even if I close the session and/or the program. I also tried to disable/enable the undo option in the Console configuration preferences, but nothing changes.

When this happened the second time, I loaded an autosave from 5 minutes earlier, and there undo is still working completely as it should. Very strange bug. Please let me know if anyone has managed to fix it as it has already broken one of my sessions entirely.

And a bugfix in the next version of Studio One 5 would be much appreciated!!

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answered Jul 26 by romaindescampe (1,150 points)
I just noticed this bug happens when I add an instance of Antares Harmony Engine. Not sure this was the issue in my previous session as well, but clearly it seems plugin compatibility might be a factor.
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answered Jul 30 by rionquiroz1 (340 points)
in your settings advanced console clicking the enable undo option worked wonders for me i guess presonus stops it just incase your undoing something like a plugin that setting should fix the issue tho it at least worked for me! hope this helps man
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answered Aug 2 by element-92 (160 points)
I JUST upgraded to S1.

Half of my plugi-ins are black and CMD Z didn't work from the get-go....

Which is an option I use every 10 seconds...

It works IN plug-ins not in de DAW.

I tried enabling/disabling and enabling the undo button in the advanced tab but to no avail...