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Loopback - ioStation 24c // Studio One 4 Artist

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asked Jun 21 in Studio One 4 by nikolaospenteridis (120 points)
Hi guys,

I can't run the loopback function. I connected the ioStation 24c to my PC (Win 10). Studio One 4 Artist is running.

But I can't manage to run the loopback function in Studio One. Loopback is set in ioStation 24c. The ioStation is set as Playback for Windows. And I can hear both signals simultaneously (Mic-Vox and Youtube) - but as soon as I open Studio One the Youtube-signal terminates.

I'm sorry for my bad english - I hope you understand my situation.

1 Answer

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answered Jun 21 by cdricblanqui (6,520 points)

You have to set an option in the audio interface setup, so S1 will release the interface when you minimize it's window.