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Need post mixdown insert for Project Page

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asked Jul 26, 2020 in Mastering by arthurzatarain (1,280 points)
I rely on Sonarworks and am delighted with the version 5 listen bus that keeps room correction software out of the mixdown chain. I can now mixdown in S1 without Sonarworks being included in the output file. I’d like a similar feature in the Project Page where I can insert Sonarworks to tune the audio going to my monitors but not be included in the output file. I can insert Sonarworks in the post fader section of Project Page, and set metering to pre master fader, which lets the meters show what will be baked into the file. But if I forget to disable Sonarworks on Project Page the audio adjustment makes it into the output file. Sonar will warn me when it’s over, but I’d rather keep it out of the way all the time as with the listen bus.

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answered Jul 31, 2020 by Lukas Ruschitzka (218,420 points)
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