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1824c very low input signal

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asked Jul 28, 2020 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by jerichomusic (240 points) 1 flag
I just purchased a studio 1824c to replace my Scarlett. However, the input sensitivity is way too low on this unit. I have a Rode Procaster microphone that I use for podcasts. I have to turn the gain pretty much all the way up and even then I still cant get good signal strength. My Rode NT2a needs to be turned up to at least 2 oclock to get a suitable recording level. I have never turned it above 11 oclock on other interfaces.

Why are these preamps so weak? Is this correct for this unit? If so I will be taking it back to the store and requesting a refund as this is just not acceptable for high quality recording equipment.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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answered Nov 14, 2020 by nortonoosthuis (190 points)
HI - did you return the unit? Literally just bought the exact same unit and having the same issue - also with my Rode NT2a having to be pushed almost all the way. I had the Presonus Firepod that blew and bought the Studio18/24 but these input levels are ridiculously low! Are we the only ones struggling with this?
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answered Dec 22, 2020 by fuadhussain (180 points)
Hi - I've also just bought a Studio 24c and using wtih a Marantz Pro MPM 1000 mic, connected via XLR-XLR with phantom power switched on. The mic input gain needs to be turned up to 80% or so to be able to register anything on the signal strength meters of unit and get a very low amplitude waveform on the DAW. Currently using Bandlab and Cakewalk. When monitoring via headphones, need the mixer quite heavily to input and headphone gain turned quite high to be able to hear the voice beign recorded. The Studio 24c input impedance is 1.4 kOhm and the mic impedance is 200 Ohm

This is my first foray with audio interfaces, condenser mics and DAWs. I seem to have covered the basic pitfalls but really surprised that it seems to be giving such a low signal. I appreciate that it can be improved in the DAW afterwards, but it is just that it makes monitoriing so diffcult.

I see similar questions but not really the answer. Would be very grateful for some help. Thanks
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answered Dec 23, 2020 by jerichomusic (240 points)
I returned my unit to the store and paid a bit extra for a Studio 192. I am much happier with this interface. It is worth noting however that even on the 192, some microphones require further boosting simply because of their low output. I am using a Rode Procaster and even on the 192 it was still a low signal. However, my NT2-a and my NT5's work beautifully whereas they also had low input on the 1824c.

I fixed the Procaster by purchasing a Cloudlifter. What an awesome peice of kit and worth the dollars. Anyone who runs an SM7B would also be well advised to get a cloudlifter to put inline to give you that clear boost in gain level and you will have all the signal you need.

Happy recording.
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answered Jan 4, 2021 by gustavoloebel (240 points)
I have a Studiolive AR12 and a Rode NT1A, facing the same issue, very low output, it seems to be a general issue in presonus products.

I have to push the signal gain at max nearly to have some waveform in my DAW....sad but true...