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Studio 24c very low input gain

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asked Oct 25, 2021 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by levivogel (180 points)
Hey, so I recently purchased a Presonus Studio 24C for my XLR Rode Podmic microphone (dynamic mic). After connecting the XLR cable from the mic into the interface input I noticed that it wasn't picking up any sound. After some debugging, I noticed that if I crank the gain up to 100% and put my mouth against the microphone it receives a very soft input of 1 bar high. I've seen this problem multiple times on this forum but nobody really came with an answer, I was hoping someone got an answer this time.

Oh and by the way, if I want to use my microphone for live audio like zoom, discord, teams etc, do you have to select the Mic/Inst/Line In 1/2? That's the only sound source in my windows settings that receives audio from the interface. (yes I installed all the drivers and universal control)

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answered Nov 2, 2021 by levivogel (180 points)
Well, I guess I found a fix. I bought an inline preamp (any preamp is fine). It finally picks up my voice now. I am still getting some weird windows related problems though. Sometimes it doesn't pick up the 24c. I have to open universal control everytime I start my PC and open the control panel > sounds and close it again before it works, some1 got a fix?
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answered Jan 11, 2022 by seanclifford (140 points)
I am having the exact same issue with both my guitar and mic.  Did this fix both devices?
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answered Apr 15, 2023 by aquaneight (150 points)
was a fix found? i have to have everything at max and its still not hitting reds seems pretty terrible for the price of this, i dont feel having to buy another device is a answer im using the same mic