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Input levels clipping but recorded levels very low

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asked Jan 12 in Studio One 3 by aryfh (1,670 points)
Win 10, Studio One 3, Studio 192 Interface, Studio Channel.

When recording electric guitar directly into an input of interface (Studio 192, line input 2, mic preamp at 0), the input levels shown are strong and even clipping.

However, when viewing the recorded event (and of course also listening), the level is very low.

Why would the input level meters show close to 0dB but the recorded result is very quiet?

How do I get a good, strong signal recorded without clipping my inputs?

A similar thing happens with my PreSonus Studio Channel. When recording vocals, the recorded event will be fairly quiet when Studio Channel's meter is in mid-range. Only way to get the volume to be strong is to have the Studio Channel's meter slammed in the red. In this case, there seems to be no audible distortion or clipping in the final recorded result, although the Studio Channel's meter is pinned in the red at time of recording.

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