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asked Jul 31 in Studio One 4 by kevinbedworth (480 points)
Recently upgraded to Studio One 4,6 Pro and thereafter installed Win 10 over Win 7 and at the same time installed a new bigger E hard drive. Around 150 songs including some Projects were previously created in Win 7 and are on the D drive which I still have available.

Inadvertently pulled all the songs from D drive into E drive. Discovered this later when updating the old songs and/or changing the titles.  Am able to playback these songs. However when attempting to import them to an existing Project I get MISSING FILES message.  Attempts to Copy and Recover External Files from Pool are fruitless. Viewing source folders in Windows Explorer also do not reveal any missing files.
Prefer to have all the songs reside on the bigger E drive but research suggests that I may have to import the Cache files from D drive to E drive to resolve this (?)  Is this the easiest solution, and if so how exactly do I accomplish this?  If not, can someone please provide the needed assistance.

Also, some songs also show a MISSING DEVICE pointing to my midi keyboard which may also be a configuration issue?

As an old codger I find all of this extremely frustrating and challenging. Would really appreciate a step-by-step explanation on these two matters.  Kevin.

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