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Studio One Pro Ver. 4.6 - Missing Sound Files

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asked Jan 3, 2020 in Studio One 4 by allantutt (280 points)
edited Jan 4, 2020 by allantutt
I recently purchased and installed Studio One Pro Ver. 4.6. From the beginning, I noticed that when opening a new song and selecting any 1 of the default templates provided, in each case, I receive an error message screen listing all of the missing sound files, contained in but certainly not limited to: Uebershall Impact Drums *.* ; and Studio One Instruments Volume 1 *.* collections. I have read all of the available HELP posted on this topic, most of which, if not all, assume that the missing files, are somewhere on your computer to begin with. In such cases, the appropriate path statements need to be properly identified and assigned within setup options in order to be located and available to programming when required. This is not a 'new' concept to me, having in excess of 50 years experience, in problem solving computer hardware & software issues. I have conducted manual searchs of all (7) data storage devices, contained within my PC-DAW and NO directories can be found, containing the missing sound sets. As a last ditch effort, I performed a second installation of Studio One Pro Ver. 4.6, but again, the missing files were not installed. Any help in an effort to resolve this mystery, would be greatly appreciated...

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answered Jan 3, 2020 by allantutt (280 points)
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I have since discovered the following link, which proved to be extremely helpful in resolving the problem. As it turned out in both instances of my performing a 'custom' installation of Presonus Studio One Pro Ver. 4.6 - I had overlooked the 'additional' options provided, wherein users can selectively download: groups of sound sets; or individual sound sets to meet your needs. Here is a list of all the missing sound set files that have now successfully installed, after following the instructions contained within the below noted link...

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