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When trying to export file, it says 'access denied'.

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asked Aug 3 in Studio One 3 by deltibecker (180 points)
This is within studio ONE 3 srtist - I've been trying to get this resolved for hours now. This has never been an issue, a week ago this worked perfectly fine. This also is an issue with any and all projects/songs I open, no matter where on my computer I try to save to (does not save to desktop, the songs folder, documents etc...) Im running studio one as the administrator as well. I've cleared all unused files under the 'song' tab as well. What can I do here? Id like to schedule a remote assistance is possible/teamviewer to fix this. This can not and should not be happening right now. Im on a deadline!

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answered Aug 14 by tobiashopkins (150 points)
I'm in studio one 4 and I have the exact same problem. I try to export any of my songs and it comes with an access denied error. It sucks because I just finished mixing my song and now I can't even export it. It's a problem with the file location but I don't know what to resolve. Please help.
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answered Aug 14 by deltibecker (180 points)
So I figured this out. You will need to close any antivirus program you have running, or put it into to 'silent mode' for X amount of time. Somehow it interferes with the ability to export files.