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"Mark as Maim Mix" option in Export Song when uploading to Sphere

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asked Jan 14, 2022 in Mixing by davidblickstein (620 points)

I love that I can upload to Sphere directly from the Export Mixdown page.

But a couple workflow improvements I'd like to see is:

1) Sphere has an option to designate a mix as the "Main mix" and I'd like to see that option present in the Export Mixdown page when "Upload to Sphere" is selected.    In fact, I think that is the MOST common use case - uploading a latest and greatest mix - arguably it might even checked by default.     The absence of this feature means that you. need to go out of the session and to a browser each time, navigate to the mix, etc.

2) Nomrally when you export a mix to Sphere, you would be exporting it to the same workspace each time.   Accordingly, it would be a. convenient time-saver if the workspace was (like the title and most other options) "sticky" (retained for the next export)

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