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Step recording: "Extend note", "next bar" function, MIDI learnable shortcuts

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asked Aug 4, 2020 in Recording by kaihanglee (580 points)

It would be much more efficient to have a button for "extend previous note", so we dont have to "rest" and lengthen it afterward.
Choosing the next note value and record one note and choosing back, is too slow.

"Next bar" is also very helpful, so we dont have to click for a long note, or press "rest" multiple times.

Also, it would be even greater if "Rest, Back, Extend, "Next bar", "note values"
Buttons could be midi-learnable, so that we can step record without leaving the midi keyboard

And it should be assignable right on the step record toolbar, why?
Because we have to record different instruments at different pitches, the key shortcuts have to move out of the range of our passage.

imagine step recording without the need to move you hand to keyboard and mouse!!!

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