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Studio 192 produces noise effect when mixer is bypassed (stand alone mode)

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asked Aug 13, 2020 in Studio 192 USB 3.0 Interfaces by heinifosaa (120 points)
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I have recently invested in the Persons Studio 192. When I bypass the mixer in "universal Control" the interface produces a high piched "Hsss" noise.  The noise is produced when there is a signal through the studio 192 - like tapping on a microphone, or playing back from the DAW. Sounds like a highend filter opens an closes with a high sustained noise during after the signal stops.

I have not been able to record any session with my new gear, but I' have tried to record some track on my DAW ( Protools 12 ), and played the session back through other interfaces, and can conclude that the noise is produced on the input chanels as well as "hearable" on the output chanels, and the noise ends up on the recordings.

I have done the same procedure using Propellarheads Reason as DAW - the result is the same - noise from the input

I have tested all inputchanels ( Mic-(powered and not powered) - line, optical, and so on) -  Same results

The noise seemed to disappear when I turn up the inputgain to maximum on the Studio 192, but this results in a too loud signal input to the daw. (and secondly.... this can not be the solution to the problem - I would very much like to have access to leveling my input gain freely)

I have setup the Studio 192 with 4 different computers (pc and Mac), with the sam result. - and I have tested other interfaces such as Focusrite Scarlet 18i18 and M-audio Fasttrack ultra - on the same computers, and they work perfectly.

I have moved around all thinkable settings in my DAW, audio setup, Universal Control, without being able to solve the problem.

This is very frustrating, and is not what I would expect of a brand new product - so is there anybody out there....? who might have the solution to this...

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