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CPU over-usage when playback is stopped

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asked Aug 15 in Studio One 5 by eligordin (200 points)
Today, all of a sudden I am getting crazy CPU over-usage, even when playback is stopped on a song.  

I have about 30 audio tracks playing, with stock plugins and only a few VSTs  (All sample rates matching)

1 instance of addictive drums2

2 instances of Arturia analog lab - both of which tell me they are using about 2% CPU

It is telling me that 2 instances of ampire are using 20% CPU each??  That doesn't seem normal.

CPU usage is fluctuating all over the place and randomly jumps to 100% and then sits there for a while and eventually falls back down but then never goes below 50%.  This is even with maximum dropout protection engaged (usually I use low setting and usually use a small process block size without problem.

I consider this to be a small number of tracks, plugins and VSTs and for some reason the CPU keeps maxing out according to studio one's meter, and everything gets all distorted and clippy.

Meanwhile, when I look at windows task manager, it says my CPU is at 25%  (With studio one using 23%)

Anyone know why this could be happening all of a sudden?  The only recent change I made was the most recent studio one 5 update a few days ago and a windows update a few days ago.

Other songs don't seem to be causing this problem.  This song is basically un-workable now for whatever reason, unless I convert vsts to audio, but the system is still being overused way more than I would expect for this.

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answered Aug 29 by mikedilonardo (160 points)
edited Aug 29 by mikedilonardo

Would it be possible to get an answer for this? I'm dealing with the same problem, every time I stop playback when my song starts to grow (in terms of plugins, tracks, etc), the CPU spikes like crazy for half a second. I have a strong CPU that is more than capable of handling this, and when I'm just playing the song, the usage is always low.
To add to the OP's post "everything gets all distorted and clippy." Sometimes I have to wear headphones, and can't have my song playing on speakers, when I do, hearing this horrible distorted and clipped sound is very frustrating because I have to hear it up against my ears every single time I press stop. I hope there's a way to address this. Thanks