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Now that we have a notation view from within Studio One can we please have MusicXML export?

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asked Aug 23, 2020 in Score Editor by Froschtoast (280 points)
It is great to have a score view in studio one now.  If we take it one step further and add an export or save as musicXML it would become truly useful for those of us who have to create scores in Sibelius, Finale, or Dorico.  I know that Notion is Presonus' notation program but for those of us doing notation for industry work or education that is just not an option at this point.  I love composing in Studio One and was really excited about the score editor.  But without being able to export to musicXML it is ultimately not useful for me.  Whatever specific notation editing I do in the score view is meaningless if I still have to import it to a notation program as a midi file.

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answered Aug 24, 2020 by Lukas Ruschitzka (215,300 points)
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answered Oct 28, 2020 by Scardanelli (1,580 points)
Yep, scoring in Dorico but writing and sketching in S1 so XML would be wonderful.
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answered Dec 2, 2020 by marksengelman (320 points)
I use Dorico for scoring and Notion sometimes as it integrates with Studio One now. Dorico is much better than Notion, but I'm eager to see if Notion becomes better, as I'm not a Steinberg fan and would like to use Notion/Studio One exclusively.

In the meantime it is essential to have xml, sorry midi is not a good enough translate.

Pretty please?
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answered Mar 7 by stevenposner (190 points)
I use Finale for score editing.  It's much more sophisticated than Notion.  I really would rather not have one score editor for anything I do in PreSonus, and then Finale for everything else.  At least allow Studio One to export xml files, please!  MIDI files just don't translate that well.