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Please make Studio One 5 chase the dynamics that are in the score.

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asked Feb 2, 2022 in Score Editor by mennobosgra (410 points)
As written in the header: Studio One chases dynamics roughly with Velocity based instruments like piano, and in this case only the fixed dynamics like p and f, but hairpins are ignored. Also, in orchestral VST's, dynamics are handled by changing CC values, most of the time eiter CC1 or CC11, so you can also make gradual dynamic changes.
Unfortunately S1 doesn't have any option to make this work. It would be great if in the next update (or version), this could be implemented. Recording dynamics afterwards, or drawing them in, is very time consuming and a clunky way to get the same result. Cubase does this pretty well, but I highly prefer S1 over Cubase as it feels much more intuitive and all those floating windows are gone. This, plus the score editor in S1 which is miles ahead of the Cubase version, but not being able to use written dynamics to play the score back properly is a downer for me.

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answered Oct 9, 2022 by johnwaylett (1,190 points)
Absolutely need Studio One Score  velocity based VST instruments and short instrument techniques such as piano, drums, staccato and pizzicato, as well as  expression-based  long instrument techniques such as legato, consordino,
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answered Jan 5 by DaddyO (230 points)
An emphatic agreement. Connect Score Editor dynamics markings with user-selected controllers, one or multiple. Then allow them to be manually overwritten in controller lanes of Piano Roll Editor while leaving values not overwritten the same. Dorico now does this pretty well. I would be happy to start with standard dynamics notation like p, mp, mf, f, ff, etc. Eventually crescendos, dimenuendos, and hairpins would be great too.
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answered Jun 10 by frankaiello1 (210 points)
Can't stop coming back to this post to see if there was an update. I really need this for a more practical composing experience. Currently using Studio One 6 with EastWest Hollywood Strings, and I LOVE that the scorebuilder allows you to assign articulations to their respective symbols, but we sorely need something similar for dynamics. Hoping they add this.