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Need a Way to "Globally Update ALL Scenes" when a Mismatch Occurs

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asked Aug 25, 2020 in Mixing by artjohnson (1,010 points)

In Studio one 5 Pro, if one has made several "Scenes," adding a track to one Scene seems to globally affect all other Scenes (not necessarily visually) and the label "Mismatch" appears next to all Scenes. To remove the labeling, one is obligated to "Update Scene" one scene at a time. That can be a workflow interrupt. It would be better to have, at the very least, an "Update ALL Scenes" option. 

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answered Sep 7, 2020 by Lukas Ruschitzka (218,400 points)
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answered Jan 23 by benjaminshtulman (230 points)
edited Jan 23 by benjaminshtulman

Hi! It might be pretty cool to add an option of auto-update mixer scenes. I often use scenes only for visibility and turn off all the other scene features. 

For example, 1st scene includes only drums and their bus, 2nd includes kick and bass (for sidechain setting), 3th includes only synths, 4th includes vocal tracks and their bus, etc. It's really pretty useful. 


- When I add any new Instrument, bus, audio-track or something else, I see an inscription "Mismatched" next to each scene. I have to update each scene manually and it's a really annoying process. It's needed to add an option "Auto update current scene". When the scene includes only synths and only they are visible, adding a new synth must automatically update current scene (it's a logical thing). Or if I want to open scene named "Voice" and want to add one more track into it, I'd like just add one more track and current scene must update automatically (because I work with this scene, not for the others). All the other scenes have to save their current state (because I don't change them, I change current scene that is visible at the moment). Adding this feature might be really useful. I am upset 'cause I can't do it right now and have to update each scene after adding a new track; 

- When the scenes like those are created, I'd like to have an opportunity to change scenes positions. For example, I understood I want to move scene #8 to 2nd position, but I can't do it because it's impossible (for an incomprehensible reason). The scenes are static (unfortunatelly);

- It's needed to add an option to switch the scenes by one click. For example "Switch scenes by one click".

I hope the users will get those useful features in one of next updates.

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answered Mar 5 by BezowinZ (1,410 points)
Yeah, they completely ignored how folks were using Scenes prior to V5. I used them for what's now called Visibility. I have a drums scene, percussion, keys, guitars, etc. But since they're now linked to Arranger tracks, each time we add a new one, it has to be added to each Scene individually or else it's hidden when a Scene is selected.

Globally updating all Scenes would be cool. I'd also like to see an option to unlink Arranger tracks from Scenes.