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For scenes, please modify/add the 'Selected Channels' mode

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asked Apr 26, 2022 in Mixing by graceromanianchurch (330 points)

Ever since S1 5 came out and included the listen bus, S1 is now a contender for live broadcast mixing in the church setting. Prior, only Cubase and Protools had a listen bus that allowed you to solo during a livestream without destroying the mix.

Now since we use S1 as our exclusive broadcast DAW, we were hoping to have a feature added.

We use 'scenes' to be able to recall fader settings when a certain worship group or person is singing.

The 'selected channels only' mode only changes the settings for the channels you actually select---which can also be a handy feature.

Can you make it do almost the opposite, where you select only the faders you want to move PRIOR to saving the scene? Then anytime you recall the scene, it only moves those channels you chose prior to saving that scene.

For example:

-move certain faders to certain levels

-Select those certain faders that I would want to be saved to a new scene

-Save new scene

-Then when it's time, load that scene, then automatically recall (and override) the levels for those certain channels

Here's why:

Say I have a full worship band with 8 singers.

Right after they sing, the preacher begins talking as the band puts their instruments away.

This would allow me to select a 'Preacher' scene, which would turn up the preacher mic, but turn down all 8 vocals, instruments, etc. in a key stroke. We are dealing with 48ch+ and it can be difficult to navigate my control surface 8 faders at a time. This scene recall would save us in a pinch.

To take this request up a notch, you could maybe add a 'fade in' mode for this. Where it take 'X' seconds to fade into the preset positions stored into a scene (so it doesn't sound so abrupt in an emergency).


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