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Capture not fully interfaced with Studio Live 3 - 16

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asked Aug 30, 2020 in Capture for StudioLive by gfurlow (530 points)
Running Catalina with latest UC and Capture on a SL3-16.  Haven't had any problems before.  This time setting up the recording I had named all my channels in UC and launched Capture.  Regular info on setup screen and began session.

Session opened with 64 channels (not 40 as before) all pre-labeled 'Channel 1 - Channel 64'. not using the names from the board.  Went to click the button to cause Capture to use the names from the SL... it's not there.  Weird...

So, I manually named the channels and went about my show... not a big deal.

Now I open the show in Studio One... all the channels are again Channel 1 - Channel 64.  Names from the Capture session did not carry over... and all the Inserts are empty,  didn't copy the Fat Channel setting with the session.

Audio seems fine, recording seems OK.  But a bit of weirdness from the new software.

Studio Live 3 -16 with a 16/8 stage box (Channels 1-16) and an analog snake (Channels 17-32).  Connected to Mac Mini (Catalina 10.15.6), Studio One

Not earthshaking, but always makes me nervous when the record software goes strange.  Anybody else seen this glitch?


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