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Kontakt.dll for KONTAKT Player 6 not recognized in Studio One 2 Pro

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asked Aug 30, 2020 in Studio One 2 by Abhijit (250 points)
edited Aug 30, 2020 by Abhijit

Kontakt.dll is not recognized by Studio One 2 pro.  I do have Kontakt player 6 installed. VST shows up correctly at below location 

C:\Program Files\Native Instruments\VSTPlugins 64 bit

How can I get KONTAKT player 6 to show up in Studio One 2 pro.  I have other KONTAKT Player 4 from the same folder show up in Studio One 2. But that one does not seem to have libraries I need to access like India, Cuba etc. Those only appear in KONTAKT Player 6. I am very frustrated after buying this from Native Instrument I am not able to use it in Studio One 2. 

What am I missing? Can anyone help me understand. Thank you. 

Note I can play KONTAKT Player 6 stand alone and I can access the libraries I want there. But How to get it as a plug in Under the DAW? Looks like I have correct location selected Options-> Locations-> VST Plugins

Thank you. 

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answered Aug 31, 2020 by Abhijit (250 points)
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I was able to fix it by using KONTAKT 5 instead. I could access the libraries I wanted plus it worked in Studio One 2.

Had to download the KONTAKT 5 player from NI website.