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Audio pitch change with out warp (or tape effect with transpose option instead of speed up

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asked Sep 15 in Editing by dange74 (980 points)
edited Sep 15 by dange74
Please make audio file pitch change possible without time stretch.

So I never have to open Ableton again. ^^

or make tape stretch have a pitch option instead of speed up.

it will make my workflow way faster!!!!

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answered Sep 21 by jazzundso (96,160 points)
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answered Sep 15 by colinotoole (5,830 points)
The feature already exists: Select a track, or an individual event, open the inspector (press F4 or click 'i' in top left) and then enter a value other than zero for transpose - it changes in semitones, and there is a fine tune too. I believe this is what you mean. Hope this helps.
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answered Sep 16 by dange74 (980 points)
Hi Colinotoole,

Thanks for your reply, but I meant Audio pitch change without stretching them.

so it will slow down when I pitch down the audio and speed up when pitching up the audio but keep the audio quality same.