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Studiolive Series III 24R crackling in playback

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asked Sep 16, 2020 in StudioLive Series III by joofigueiredo (370 points)
Greetings. My studiolive series III 24R, which I use almost exclusively as an audio interface, always crackles when playing back from Cubase, no matter what my buffer settings are:
ASIO meter shows no processor spikes at all, and overall processing is always fairly low. Direct monitoring is flawless, and wave files are recorded without any problems. The problem is exclusive to playback, with one or whatever number of tracks.
I'm using a fast  ASUS N751JX with Intel® Core™ i7 4720HQ processor, 16GB RAM, SSD drive for system and programs. Windows 10 and Cubase.
I've owned a few different audio interfaces with this same system and setup, wich I already have optimized for audio work, and this is the only one that does this.

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answered Sep 17, 2020 by jonnydoyle (403,240 points)
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Generally issues like this are PC related and how its setup for audio. 

Please review this article and ensure you PC is streamlined for audio use.

If the issue remains then please log a support ticket.

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answered Sep 17, 2020 by joofigueiredo (370 points)
Right, but I have done so already, and nothing changed. Also, its the only interface I've had this problem with. I had 3 previous audio interfaces from other brands, with this exact setup (not even a fresh windows install), and never had this issue.
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answered Sep 17, 2020 by supereastwood (1,900 points)
having same problem smdh but i have the io station 24c..didnt have no problems with my last interface. presonus help is horrible man people work hard to buy their **** especially if you make from it.
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answered Apr 30, 2021 by martinberube (420 points)

Got the same problem with my StudioLive 16r on Windows 10. Everything is up to date. Just playing MP3 with media player reproduce the problem so not DAW or performance related. A lot better at 44.1khz but there's no way a device of that price couldn't play and record at 48khz. Lets hope a fix is coming soon, I'm quickly losing fate in Presonus.

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answered Jul 30, 2021 by enricorinnoci (320 points)


I have the same problem with a Studiolive 24R serie III with Cubase (with only one audio track in playback!!!)

I have changed a USB cable, I have put the buffersize at 2024.

I have I followed the instructions of this link

It is very frustrating, completely unusable.

I hope they find a solution quickly ...

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answered Oct 26, 2021 by ericvanlandingham (200 points)
I just purchased a Studiolive 16R and have this exact same issue. It's extremely dissapointing, to say the least.

I ran the Studiolive 16.0.2 (firewire version) for a couple years with no such issues and wanted to "upgrade" to the 16R for the better equalizers, etc.

I am a pro audio guy by trade and work for a Daw manufacturer, and I will unfortunately have to return this unit if there's no attention being paid to the problem by Presonus.
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answered Dec 21, 2021 by arievandenbroek (190 points)
I can also confirm this problem on HP-Z2 with I7/32gb RAM running WIN10 21H2 with SudioLive III 16R as interface. Constant crackling and severe dropouts, even with most simple projects (2-4-8ch audio).

Cubase reports enormous spikes in the audio engine.

When switching to my SPL Crimson interface, all problem dissappear..

Come on Presonus, get us a fix or workaround!
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answered Nov 8, 2023 by niknan (270 points)
Hi. I'm just giving my experience with this issue, in case it could be useful to some other presonus user...
I'm also seeing that most questions are a little older and or not solved.
The issue: crackling while playback (on any DAW soft or windows sounds)

Laptop Acer Nitro 16 (AN16-51). i7-13700H, 16GB RAM DDR5, 1 TB NVME, NVIDIA RTX 4050 laptop GPU / Windows 11 23H2
Presonus StudioLive Series III 24 & 24R (both)
My laptop is brandnew. Presonus equipment were older and in use with others PC flawlessly

Obviously my problem was with my new laptop (is a nice laptop, so there had to be "something" to do)

I tried several settings with mixers (44.1/48 - 16bit/24bit - buffer size - compatibility mode - updates). > Nothing

Then tried other optimizations at the laptop. Almost everything (except some functions that couldn't be -dropbox, drive, etc.-) > Nothing

BUT WHAT WORKED for me, was going to: System properties > advanced system settings > Performance Settings > Advanced > Adjust best performance for background Services.
After this, no more crackling while playback.

Hope this could help any one before loosing too much time!