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AtomSQ encoder update from host in standard midi mode

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asked Sep 18, 2020 in Atom Pad Controllers by timwalter2 (140 points)

I want to use the AtomSQ as in standard midi mode. No AbletonLive remote script control surface and no Studio 1 integration.

It's common / standard amongst all the controllers I have owned that an encoder state can be updated by sending a cc message back to the controller.

In midi mode the ATOM SQ does not respond to such messages.  I can receive encoder updates with Push (in midi mode), Novation keyboards, Native Instrument keyboards (in midi mode), MidiFighter Twister etc.  By midi mode I mean not being used as a control surface.

The SQ is clearly capable of this because it does so when used as a control surface in Live.

This request is to ask that the SQ be able to receive midi cc messages to update encoder states when used in midi mode.

Explained in more detail here:

Video demo here:

Its a great controller with a professional look and feel. A real cut above the cheaper range of controllers on the market. As such I really feel that it should be able to receive encoder updates from a midi host in midi mode. 

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