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S1 Pro v3 Audio Options, Tho Restrictive in Limiting Me to only 44.1kHz Sampling Rate, is Overridden in Song Mode?

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asked Feb 28, 2016 in Studio One 3 by peterbenson1 (290 points)

Thanks for your efficient reply, Saga!

Please understand, I had not advanced to setting up Studio One Professional 3.2 for Song creation just yet -- I only went through the complete download, full software installation and initial "Audio Preferences Setup" phase.

If I understand your Reply correctly, then -- I shouldn't worry that Studio One won't permit me to globally set the sample rate to 48kHz in Audio Preferences. I should be happy doing it a bit later, when I'm ready to enter Song Mode. Am I correct?

While I certainly don't understand PreSonus' reasoning behind that restrictive arrangement (as I suspect it should cause angst and consternation for newcomers having the same quirky "audio interface being forced back down to 44.1kHz, via S1 v3 preferences -- I'm willing to accept this coercive software behavior if I must. Honestly, I believe PreSonus ought to advise endusers within the Preferences panel that this setting there can be overridden when they begin a new song in Song Mode.


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answered May 4, 2017 by Jamesrhone1 (200,390 points)
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Yes, set the sample rate either in the New Song Window, or once you are in a Song from the menu Song > Song Setup. If you are using an audio interface, make sure that interface is also changing to the sample rate you select in Studio One, otherwise there could be a sample rate mismatch. When you set the sample rate in Studio One, your audio interface should automatically change to the same sample rate.

If your interface is not properly switching, before creating a song, close Studio One, open the control panel for your audio interface, set the desired sample rate. Then open Studio One, start a new Song and set the matching sample rate.