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Any plans for Notion 6 on Linux?

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asked Oct 7, 2020 in Notion Feature Requests by alexfoster4 (190 points)
I see there's burgeoning support among the community regarding Studio One running natively on Linux, but I wanted to voice support for Notion 6 natively on Linux. I switched to Linux months ago, and there's really nothing like Notion over here! Of course there are MIDI sequencers, but nothing that really makes scores come to life as in Notion. (WINE seems to "almost" run it, but crashes when trying to open a file.)

I love the Notion 6 software and had a blast with it on Windows. Instead of dual-booting for Notion exclusively, it would be great to see PreSonus embrace Linux and become a trailblazer in that regard.

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answered May 27, 2021 by manelalsina (170 points)
Hi! It's a little old but I'll like to add my request for Notion on Linux.
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answered Nov 3, 2021 by brysoncotton (190 points)
Yes, Please give us Notion on Linux
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answered Dec 18, 2021 by brysoncotton (190 points)
While Notion 6 does not have a dedicated Linux build, you can use a translator called WINE to translate Windows Executable files into a Linux Executable. Its the best option at the moment.

Hope this helps