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New user! just purchased and I'm trying to do the installation of all plug-ins, sounds, loops, etc... KEEPS CRASHING

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asked Oct 8 in Studio One 5 by nicholaskelly3 (130 points)
NEW USER! Wanting to know if there is something I'm missing or doing wrong when installing the DAW's sounds, loops, plug-ins, etc...

I've just purchased S1 5, and I am now trying to do an installation of all sounds. loops, plug-ins, etc... It crashes about 3-5 minutes into downloading these components.I am using an Asus ROG with an AMD Ryzen 9 (4000 series) processor, 16 gb of DDR,  and an NVIDIA GEFORCE RTX graphics card. The computer is PLENTYYYY powerful. HELP PLEASE

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answered Oct 12 by wesleypeterson (5,510 points)
As long as you've got the hard drive space you should be golden. It's a bit annoying, but I would try installing them one at a time and see if it's one specific thing bugging out. If so I'd skip it and install everything else. Then fire off a tech support ticket about what ever bugs out. If they all bug out, which is really weird, I'd try to install a previous version or just contact tech support from inside my account.