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Audiobox 96 is not working on my Asrock b450 steel legend board and AMD Ryzen 5 2600

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asked Oct 11, 2020 in AudioBox USB by andresclavijo (120 points)
Ok, so I’ve seen many questions/threads about this, my pc is recognizing the audiobox 96 and sometimes managed to work for a few minutes, but as soon as i close ableton and try to listen some music on youtube, sometimes the videos dont load until I unplugged  the audiobox and reconnect it a couple of times. Im sick of this, i bought my pc in order to have a better desktop since my laptop was dying slowly already... So there’s no response of presonus in any of these threads I saw, so, the only solution is to buy another interface from another company cause presonus is not answering what to do? This really is giving me nuts.

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answered Feb 2 by brunowesoly (140 points)
same problem.  Did you find a solution ?  thank you