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When using Studio One 5 pro, I cannot hear changes after moving bend markers, any suggestions?

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asked Oct 28, 2020 in Studio One 5 by Pablor15 (150 points)
I'm in the audio bend section in Studio One. I am analyzing the detection of markers through standard mode and my Timestretch is set to Sound Pro algorithm. When I move the bend markers on my track I can also see the movement of the audio file which is great but I do not hear these changes, I still hear the original track. Does anyone have any suggestions that may allow me to hear the changes? (I have only used Studio One for about 2 months).

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answered Oct 28, 2020 by aka_busker (28,010 points)
Hi.  I don't have an answer per se.  Just a link to a video made by Gregor from Presonus.  It's a complete tutorial on using bend markers for quantizing.  It may be more than you are after, but I though a tutorial would help to check your work flow is correct. I hope it helps.   
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answered Nov 24, 2020 by gregverhappen (200 points)
I'm new to PreSonus & mixing in general so consider this in that context...

I had a similar problem but had done some pitching of notes through the Melodyne connection.  I can't recall if this fixed it since it was a while ago but I think I undid the Melodyne (CNTL+ALT+M) and was able to hear the changes.  When I've had similar problems in general because I haven't learned the proper fixes yet, I have also mixed down what I had to a new track and then kept working from that point forward.  That way, in the end, I can delete the start of the mixed down track and the end of the original track with the issues and combine them.  Not pretty but when I've been in the middle of stuff I didn't really want to spend a tonne of time trying to discover what went wrong.
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answered Mar 26 by roysonboleh (1,110 points)
edited Mar 26 by roysonboleh
I've had a similar experience. I made some changes with the bend marker but there is old audio playing where there is no waveform and when I move the bend marker past a certain point to the left, the audio goes back to its original state. Here's a video with an example:  FYI: You gotta click the audio icon on the top right of the video to unmute it. Don't know why they would mute it by default.