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MIDI Capture Over AVB StudioLive Series III

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asked Nov 15, 2020 in StudioLive Series Feature Requests by seanwade-mccue (190 points)
It'd be great to be able to record MIDI data from instruments such as electronic drumkits and keyboards simultaneously with the audio directly into the Studio One session. The MIDI data would pass through a dedicated MIDI to AVB box, then to the console and finally to a computer running Studio One for capture. This would greatly expand the voicing options for live capture group performances. The ability to change drumkit or keyboard voices for example after recording would in many cases eliminate the need to re-take parts to achieve a specific tone. An audiobox 96 can capture MIDI, so why shouldn't the flagship consoles?

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answered Nov 24, 2020 by benpierce (99,400 points)
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This is a very interesting feature request. I'm not sure if it's possible but it would be pretty cool.