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I don't see "something different at 130hz".

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asked Sep 8, 2021 in Sceptre, Eris, R-Series by roberttrede (3,160 points)

Thanks for contributing to the thread. I don't understand what you say you are seeing, however. What do you mean when you write we should "see something different at about 130 hz? I wasted the speaker test video but have no idea what I should be seeing at all... at 130 hz or at any other frequency. All I see are squiggly sign waves but without technical training, I have absolutely no idea what the sound waves mean.

Can you please explain?


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answered Sep 9, 2021 by alidegirmen (190 points)
it's like a noisy booming at that frequency like resonance. i moved monitors to another place out of desk and location in the room. Nothing changed. I tried with my headphone and i didnt see any booming or distortion at that frequency.