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About the Spectrum Display in Pro EQ

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asked Nov 19 in Studio One 5 by aifuding (220 points)
In the '12th Octave"  mode of the spectrum display types of Pro EQ, the frequency in the window is not the same as what the curve deals with. It seems that the spectrum has been moved towards the lower frequency. When I change the type such as "FFT", the frequency shows in the window is right.

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answered Nov 20 by aka_busker (21,130 points)
Hi.  The 12th octave is a more "musical" e.q. setting than the frequency based FFT.  A 12th octave means you are seeing all 12 semi-tones of the "chromatic scale" octave.  The higher peaks will be the fundamental (or the played notes) with other peaks occurring due to the overtone series (3rd, 5th, octave, etc).  This is why you see the keyboard mapping below the spectral output.  Please refer to page 261 of the Studio One v5 manual for more information about the 12th octave scale.  A reasonable amount of music theory will help you more with the 12th octave system.