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Can I reduce how often Melodyn autosaves, I' constantly waiting each time it does to continue editing audio track.

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asked Nov 19 in Studio One 5 by stevenjones5 (180 points)

Is there a way to reduce the number of OR how often auto-saves occur while editing in Melodyne?  I have to constantly wait for autosaves to finish before I can continue to edit with Melodyne and it adds some much time.  I work on a Mac os Sierra.  I use Studio One 5 Artist.

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answered Nov 19 by joshlozada (210 points)
You can disable the Auto Save feature. Go to Preferences then select the "Locations" icon and then de-select the Auto Save box, then select "Apply".

This applies to the general auto save feature so when you're not in Melodyne, you'll still want to command+s when working inside S1.