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Problem with playback while recording and editing in Melodyne

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asked Feb 23, 2021 in Studio One 5 by petermojzes (340 points)

I am having problems with multiple things in Studio One, but these bothers me the most:

when I record audio, especially if I have recorded bunch of takes into layers and the project uses about 20 plugins, after I record some audio, stop playback and directly start playback to listen what I recorded, the recorded audio part does not play. Then I have to restart playback again and then I get to hear audio I just recorded. It happens so often to me and I am getting tired of it to the level I research another more reliable DAWs.

Another problem is when I edit audio in Melodyne and retrigger the playback - again - if I have some plugins in the project and I have a few dozens of audio takes recorded (and even spread in multiple tracks), the playback so often switches just to signal from Melodyne and I hear no other takes when I press Spacebar (play). Then I have to restart playback and sometimes it doesn't even help on the first restart. It's so annoying!

I have all my projects on a fast SSD Drive. I use Windows 10 and my setup is quite powerful (processor Ryzen 2700x and 64gb of ram, 1660 GTX graphic card).

Thank you for your time and effort in advance!

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answered Feb 23, 2021 by robertgray3 (42,650 points)
Not sure why this got downvoted but yes, sadly this is a problem. It is not common enough for its cause to have been figured out and fixed but it is a documented and known issue. From past experience as soon as someone (usually a user, unfortunately) figures out what’s causing it I’m sure it will be fixed quickly.
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answered Mar 3, 2021 by lucaspiedracueva (1,510 points)
Same behaviour here.
Happens every day when mixing big sessions. That some tracks stop playing randomly.
Also when recording and punch in, the playback is not stable.
Want to go back to pro tools. But there are other features that I love from s1.
Hope they fix this and make the program more solid.