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Why is the volume so low from my Audiobox USB?

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asked Apr 9, 2020 in AudioBox USB by caseybrefka (120 points)

I have two questions about my Audiobox USB that seem to be complete polar opposites from each other, so I wanted to ask them.

  1. I have the Audiobox set as the default playback device on my Windows 10 system. however, the output volume-wise is very low. I have it set up to record brass instruments (trumpet/trombone) in my home studio, but no matter how far I turn the headphones knob up, and the mixer knob all the way to the playback, the tracks that I'm recording to are still barely coming through my headphones. I have tested the headphones on other audio devices and they can get very loud, so I have eliminated that possibility. I have also turned the "Mixer" knob all the way to the right (to playback), and the volume knob for the headphones all the way to the right, and still the tracks I've previously recorded, as well as the ones I'm playing to, are very, VERY quiet. This also translates to the main outputs as well - I have a pair of beefy studio monitors as my main speakers, and even with them turned all the way up, and the Main volume knob on the audiobox turned all the way up, It's still fairly quiet - when in reality with these speakers, cranking something like that should be making my ears bleed.
  2. I have an AT3060 Condenser mic that I use to record at home. However, in order to have it not clip, I have to have the input for it cranked all the way to the left, AND I have to play off to one side, or else it will clip. The mic is reasonably far away from the bell of my instruments (at least 3 feet), so there is no good reason why the output should be that high that I have to turn it all the way down just to not clip.

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answered Apr 11, 2020 by Bbd (14,390 points)
It looks like you know how to get your microphone setup without clipping. That you know is handled by your audio interface, not Studio One.

The signal is then recorded into Studio One. You then say the output level is really low on playback.

In Studio One 4.5, you could view the Input section and turn up the Gain control to increase the signal coming into Studio One.

You can also insert an effect on the input channel if you what to bring the level up.

You can also increase the recorded audio output level by normalizing the audio clip or dragging the clip handle up to increase the output level.
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answered May 25, 2020 by pierremoraes (140 points)
Hi guy. I’ve the same problem that u. Did you manage to solve your problem?