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Why is the volume on my AudioBox 96 so low?

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asked May 8, 2020 in AudioBox USB by keithrhyne (170 points)
I can't figure out why the volume is so low. Even when I playback music from my desktop from the internet it is very low. I have already checked the mixer knob to make sure it is turned to playback but the volume is still low. I bypassed my computer and ran my dj gear directly to my studio monitors and everything sounded great. What could be the problem?

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answered Feb 18, 2023 by frankfrontera (150 points)
I'm still having this problem too. When I swap out to a different interface, the volume is normal in output. Can PreSonus comment on whether this is hardware or software related?

-My mixer knob is all the way to the right: "Playback"

- My main is also all the way to the right: "0dB"