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Any workarounds to get a VST3 to recognize?

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asked Dec 20, 2020 in Studio One 5 by dazuekxl (180 points)
I have a VST3 plugin that will not show up in my plugin list. It was not a problem on Studio One 4 Pro...Interestingly, when I remove the plugin from it's scannable location, at startup, Studio One will recognize there is one less plugin . I put it back in it's location and it recognizes another plugin however it does not show up in the list. The plugin developer was able to load it up fine in their copy of S1v5 and I was also able to get it recognized in a clean install of Reaper.

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answered Dec 20, 2020 by matthewritenburg (17,320 points)

After installing the plugin and then scanning your plugin locations at startup, have you tried clicking on the little wrench in the plugin browser?  If you click on that wrench, does your plugin show up but disabled?  If it's in the list you can enable it by clicking the dot next to it's name.

Click here:

The greyed out plugins are disabled.  I can enable them by clicking the dot:

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answered Dec 20, 2020 by dazuekxl (180 points)
unfortunately it does not show up greyed out or disabled in the plugin manager or the browser. it just isn't listed.
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answered Feb 15, 2021 by benmccraw (890 points)
Hopefully you have found a solution to this but here is what has worked for me, when working with third-party VSTs (on a PC) in Studio One:

Go to the 'File Explorer' on your computer and create a new folder in 'Documents.' Name this folder after the company that made the VST (ie, "Neural DSP").  Now inside this folder place the file for the VST, such as the ".dll" file.

Start Studio One, and go to 'Locations', (this is the same menu where 'External Devices' and audio setup are) and  'add' the location in 'Documents' where the VST is now located. Make sure the path is correct, and delete other paths where Studio One cannot find the plugin (ie, 'Program Files'; 'Program Files x86').

Tell Studio One to reset the 'backlist' from the same menu. It should rescan for the new plugin at startup.

Go to the 'Plugin-Manager' and reset the blacklist also.

Close Studio One, then reopen it. You should see it scanning for new plugins while it is loading.

Go to the 'Plugin-Manager' and see if the new plugin is there. If not, 'Update Plugins' and see if it appears.

I use Pro Tools, and it automatically scans and finds every plugin on the computer immediately , this is just something that Presonus lags behind the rest of the industry in.

I hope that helps.
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