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Universal Control not opening

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asked Dec 25, 2020 in MyPreSonus Questions by craigthompson4 (130 points)
I've just upgraded to an 1824c from an 1810c, and started with new software, but I can't get the Universal Control to open, to do the settings. I'm playing back a CD via the SPDIF, and I'm getting a clocking issue issue. Can anybody help please?

I've uninstalled, restarted etc, but I'm still getting the clicks. It seems okay playing something back in logic and I'm sure I can sort this by opening UC, but it just won't open!!!

I'm using a iMac OS Big Sur 11.1


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answered Dec 25, 2020 by gringo11 (240 points)
If you mean you click on the Icon for UC and it doesnt do anything then I can't help because Im on mojave and it opens to another part where you'll see three tabs FILE SETTINGS and DEMO click on Demo then a dropdown shows 2 options click on  studiolive 34.4.2  then hold your breath  good luck
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answered Oct 2, 2021 by jaskamalsinghbalam (300 points)

Same issue here, I am using macOS Catalina 10.15.7, iMac 27" 2012.

No audio through Studio Live 32 both Youtube and SO 5.4.

UC does not open at all and no window appear even clicking it. 

No one answer and solve the issue, but debiting my money for Sphere membership.