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Bought the audiobox usb 96, but can’t activate studio one since “wrong username pr password”?

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asked Dec 29, 2020 in Studio One 5 by indirajger (120 points)
I am so confused. I bought the audiobox, knowing it comes with a version of the studio one artist, my first confusion was which version i have to activate, but i guessed it is the “bought version of studio one”, since it came with the box? I had to enter the product key which i found correctly (at least i hope so), but when i clicked activate and i had to enter my email and password of my presonus account it was “incorrect”, although it was 100% correct. I tried it a few times but now am i extremely frustrated. Please help

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answered Dec 29, 2020 by williamwalsh2 (140 points)
Me to same issue !!