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I get the error message "Invalid username/password" when trying to activate Prime

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asked Jan 14, 2017 in Studio One 3 by sophieadelinesolheimbosio (120 points)
Hi, I have Studio One 3 Prime on an Acer Aspire S3 computer with Intel Core i3, 64-bit, with Windows 7.

I have downloaded and installed the software, as well as the additional content, but when I try to run the software, I run into trouble with the logins. When I first open it, it promts me to log in. This works, and I'm taken to a screen that asks me which version I'd like to run. I select Prime and press the "Activate Studio One Prime"-button and a new login screen pops up asking for username/email and password. When I enter my credentials this time, I get the error message "invalid username/password", even if I entered the same credentials as I used at the first login.

I have already tried deleting the credentials from the vault in Windows through the Control Panel, which you have suggested to other users with similar issues, but it hasn't resolved the problem.

Thank you in advance.

1 Answer

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answered Jan 18, 2017 by LMike (14,690 points)
If everything else has failed, assuming you've tried the most common suggestions, try to see if an Offline Activation works for you.