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Recording problem with Studio One Artis metronome click

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asked Jan 20, 2021 in Studio One 5 by eugeniojumillaolmos (180 points)
hi, i have this problem:
When I record my guitar on an audio track2 and use the metronome as a guide on a track1 it records the “click” of the metronome on the track2 where I am recording my guitar. It is the same if it is a midi track or an audio backing track.
Why don't you record the separate tracks? Why mix the tracks?
Thanks and regards (sorry for my English, I use a translator)

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answered Jan 20, 2021 by martinhughes (1,610 points)
I'm guessing you've tried these already but just in case a few things to try:

- Locate your guitar recording in the media pool and listen to it with VLC or some other media player. Can you still hear the metronome? If not, then you have a problem with your monitoring. If yes, then it is indeed recording on the same track and you need to examine your input routing. (nb - You may have to shut down SO to get VLC to play the file.).

- Monitoring possibility - Is the metronome switched on (the little triangle at the bottom of the screen)? If so is it set to 'click in play'? (click on the spanner icon). It's possible you're hearing the metronome playing 'live' to your recording.

- If it is on the recording - how are you listening to the metronome when you do your recording? If you're listening on speakers it will likely get picked up by your mic. Even if you're listening on headphones it the mic might pick up some of the sound.

- It's also possible you're hearing the metronome as breakthrough. On my system I have found that I can still hear a metronome track even with that track muted. The workaround is to mute the event itself using the Mute Tool. (keyboard '6' in the default shortcuts)

Apologies if this seems a bit elementary but I've had numerous errors with metronomes frm issues as basic as this over the years!
asked Jan 20, 2021 in Studio One 5 by eugeniojumillaolmos (180 points) respuesta