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Why Can't I Disarm My Record Track

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asked Jan 26 in Studio One 5 by leylandclopton (1,740 points)
Im running S1 5.1.1 On Mac OS Catalina. Whatever the first track is in my session, the Record track is automatically armed and will not disarm. Is anyone else experiencing this? It seems to have started after the most recent update. Could it be a hot key I turned on? Any help would be appreciated.

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answered Jan 30 by tothrec (20,650 points)
What happens when you select a different track?  Does that other track now get armed?
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answered Feb 1 by leylandclopton (1,740 points)
I can arm and record on a different track, but the 1st track on the mixer or in the edit window cannot be disarmed. I can make a copy of the track, disable the original, and keep working normally as long as I leave the original in view and disabled. Its honestly super weird and Im hoping Im making sense explaining it.
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answered Apr 19 by christopherthomas15 (160 points)

I think I have the same problem.

I am unable to disarm the first track.  No matter if I make a new blank song or use a template.  Any track I move to the top track, is armed and I can not unarm it.  Is this a bug? Or (I am new) is there something I am missing?

*I have turned off all the 'auto arm/follows' features, but it remains.  

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answered Apr 19 by leylandclopton (1,740 points)
@christopherthomas15 Thats the exact problem. Im still having it after updating to the most recent version. It is definitely some type of bug. If you come across any solutions, let me know.
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answered May 8 by nickbeason (140 points)
Having the same issue and can't seem to find a solution... Hopefully it gets fixed in an update soon.