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Revelator does not show up in Universal Control on macOS Big Sur

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asked Feb 12 in Revelator USB Microphone by iprmirzg (370 points)
retagged Feb 20 by iprmirzg

After installing the "PreSonus Universal Control" and restarting the Mac (a MacBook Pro 15" mid-2014), the Revelator does not show up in "Universal Control".

The sound system preferences show "Revelator — USB" in the list, but not the other two "Loopback 1" and "Loopback 2". 

Worth mentioning: the hard drive is formatted in APFS-case sensitive (I hope that this is not an issue because I won't be able to change that).

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answered Mar 7 by iprmirzg (370 points)
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After registering the Revelator, it is finally working.
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answered Feb 13 by iprmirzg (370 points)

As I feared, this is due to my file system being case sensitive. However, this is "easily" fixable:

  1. Open /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.presonus.ucdaemon.plist
  2. On line 9, change "/Library/Application Support/Presonus/universalcontrol/ucdaemon.bundle/Contents/MacOS/ucdaemon" to "/Library/Application Support/PreSonus/universalcontrol/ucdaemon.bundle/Contents/MacOS/ucdaemon" (that's right, the lowercase "S" is why Launchd cannot find the "ucdaemon" (the universal control background task).
  3. Save and close (you need admin privileges)
I therefore urge PreSonus developers to fix this and in the future, to try out their software on case sensitive file systems.
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answered Feb 13 by iprmirzg (370 points)
While this "fix" works on macOS Catalina, it doesn't on Big Sur. The Revelator appears in Universal Control, but the configuration panel does not open.
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answered Feb 15 by iprmirzg (370 points)
Thus it seems like that Universal Control is not compatible yet with macOS Big Sur for configuring the Revelator.