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Studio One loads briefly and then closes

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asked Feb 16, 2021 in Studio One 5 by jonathanspear1 (270 points)
I run Studio One 5 Professional on a Windows 10 computer with a PreSonus Studio 1824c interface.  It has worked properly for several months.  Tonight I attempted to start the program as usual by clicking on the shortcut icon, and the program scrolled through the usual startup routine but suddenly closed before it finished.  This happened about 3-4 seconds into the startup.  I repeated this several times with the same result -- no error message or diagnostic screen.  The last item I saw on the startup routine before the crash was "Starting Midi Engine" but I don't know if that's the cause or a coincidence.

To fix the problem, I've repeatedly restarted my computer.  I also uninstalled and reinstalled Studio One.  The problem is the same regardless.  Any ideas?  Thanks!

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answered Feb 17, 2021 by arlynalderdice (290 points)
Both my Studio One 4 and Studio One 5 demo did this to me after I uninstalled an antivirus program that I wasn't using. You could restore your computer to a previous version (before you noticed the problem) and see if that works. But no guarantees. I just started using a different computer instead, so never solved it.
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answered Feb 17, 2021 by jonathanspear1 (270 points)
Thank you Arlynalderdicre for that suggestion -- I tried the similar approach of resetting my computer which pretty much cleared out everything including Studio One and lots of other apps I had been using.  The good news is that, after I downloaded and reinstalled Studio One, everything worked.  I lost a lot of material in the process but it's not too hard to reconstruct.  I just hope it doesn't happen again.