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Why is there no signal level deflection on my Studio 24c?

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asked Feb 18, 2021 in AudioBox USB by russellstodieck (120 points)
The Studio 24c was displaying input signal levels when I first started using the device with microphone and guitar inputs.  Now, there is no indication of an input signal.  Launching Studio One V5 I can hear audio through the headphones and adjust the 24c to prevent clipping the audio.   

I tried reinstalling the firmware of the 24c.  No change. USB is sync'd and 48v phantom power is on for my XLR microphone.

Mixer level set to max playback.  Headphone level set to max.  Universal control is active.

So, why is the 24c no longer displaying input or output audio levels?   Is this a hardware failure of my 24c?

Thanks for any advice.


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