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how do I fix a low signal level with a condenser microphone?

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asked Dec 29, 2021 in MyPreSonus Questions by maximustaylor (190 points)
I'm new to audio equipment and ever since I got this i've had an issue where my mic is to quiet and i'm using the at2035 condenser microphone connected to the presonus studio 24c, I've tried several different XLR cables, i've tried reinstalling the device on my computer and even bought a preamp for my microphone to boost it but you still can barely hear it unless you turn the gain up to around 75-80% and then after that it just generates to much noise, how can I fix this?

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answered Dec 29, 2021 by wesleypeterson (20,870 points)

That microphone requires 11-52V DC, 3.8 mA typical -- phantom power. So make sure that is turned on on your 24C, it's the 48V switch. Hope that helps.

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answered Dec 29, 2021 by maximustaylor (190 points)
I have had the phantom power on, I looked things up online but it's just not getting a good signal and it's to quiet in a live setting and people complain about me being to quiet and my gain is set around 50% it should be louder than this considering it's not dynamic
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answered Dec 31, 2021 by mcfate (140 points)
You may want to test your mic on another mixer or audio interface. Condenser mics are very sensitive, and rarely too quiet, especially with a preamp. That way you'll discover whether the issue is with the mic or the interface. You mentioned that you are using this in a live setting, so that implies you are connected to an amplifier and speakers, which begs the question; is your system too small for the room? Just some thoughts...