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Not impressed with Studio One - sounds are not good

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asked Feb 19 in Studio One 5 by scottriddick (140 points)
Hello, i want to make cover songs like hindley street country club, but studio one sounds are generic, like 99s software. For example recreating tot africa with my synthesizer and drum machine, cannot do. Or drive by the cars, no, or phill collins songs, no. Please help, what doni have to buy to make real somgs that sound exactly like the real ones. Thanks Scott

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answered Feb 20 by scottriddick (140 points)
Ok It seems like studio one just needs to put out a plug in that competes with the korg kronos sounds, because thats whats missing to get the real instrument sound of studio one and thats whats used by the real bands. Is that a available? Thats exactly whats missing.
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answered Feb 21 by elfenfilm (300 points)

Hi Scottriddick,

I think what you need are the right plugins (or samples). It is not possible to cover every music type in a single software. That is what plugins are for. Every producer / musician buys those plugins that are needed for the type of music he/she wants to make. So if you want to have a nice guitar sound and the stock plugin Ampire is not suitable you, you should buy the plugin you need. There are thousands of plugins available and some of them are even free to download. Best way is to search in your favourite search engine online for the original hardware you are looking for, added by "VST plugin" or something similar. I think you will find the instruments and sounds that you need in the www. I think it's not fair to blame Studio One / PreSonus for not providing the sounds you need in your specific case ;-) 

I hope I could help you,