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Bright thin sound in Studio One

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asked Feb 21, 2020 in Studio One 3 by danpejril1 (380 points)
I am using Studio 3.5.6 on Windows. I have noticed a strange occurence in that the audio in Studio One playback sounds very bright and thin.

I am recording guitars and vocals through a Presonus Studio 2|6. And everything sounds great when the Studio 2|6 is connected in Studio One. However, when I disconnect the Studio 2|6 and restart Studio One with my Creative Audio card in the computer, I get the bright and tinny playback.

However, if I play an individual track back outside of Studio One, it sounds better. Also, when I am mixed and adjusting EQ in Studio One to a point it sounds good and then export a mixdown - that file sounds insanely bassy on other computers or playback devices.

Is it something with Studio One? Or the Creative card? Any way of getting everything to work correctly with each other?

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