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Enhanced browser workflow for Loop based producers

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asked Mar 3, 2021 in Look and Feel by dotcom12161984 (3,840 points)
All i want to be able to to do is go to my browser while in my sample library folder and type the tags i want and find sounds with those tags that i have tagged via my Mac OS.  So if i'm in a folder in Studio One's browser and i want a "One-shot" "EDM" "Punchy" "Kick", i can type in those tags and everything i've tagged with those tags comes up and i can scroll through them as i currently can and hear them in time with my beat.  

If i want a "piano" "R&B" "Melody" "loop" i want to see what has those tags, BUT i would also like to be able to print KEY SIGNATURES to audio files the same way i can print the tempo.  This way if i set the key of the song, it can automatically transpose the key of the loop and play it in bpm sync with the track i'm working on in real time as well.  

It could all be so simple.

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