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Can you set a given marker read sequence in Studio One

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asked Mar 9, 2021 in Studio One 5 by jean-franoissternon (200 points)
Is there a way in any studio one version to set and read a specific sequence of marker which is different from the marker order in the project ?
Here is an example explaining my idea:
Let's imagine I have an Studio One project with 3 files in it, and 6 markers that defining the beginning and end of each file (so marker 1 is the start of file 1, marker 2 is the end of file 1, marker 3 is the beginning of file 2, etc).
I can just just read file 1 by going from marker 1 to marker 2, then jumping to file 2 by going to marker 3, etc. But let's say I want to read file 2 first, then go to file 1 (meaning I want to go from marker 3 to 4 first, then marker 1 to 2).

Is it possible to program or assign that in any way ? I know similar things can be done in protools, but I want to stay in Studio One...BTW I'm using studio one 3 artist.
Thanks a lot !

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