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Studio Live 24R Rack Mixer Tap function for delays.

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asked Mar 9, 2021 in StudioLive Series III by mikereiner (150 points)
Hello! I have and still use every weekend the Presonus RM32ai rack mixer. I just bought the new StudioLive 24R rack mount. I am a drummer and I set the delay tempo for each song. On the 32 ai the Tap feature (FX C Tap) & (FX D Tap) were below the A,B,C & D Mute Buttons along the right side of the board. While I was configuring the new 24R I noticed it only has the A, B, C & D Mute buttons. Are the Tap buttons no longer available there?? I will be so disappointed, it made this so easy!!! Please tell me there is a way to turn them on!

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answered Mar 11, 2021 by mikemaly (410 points)

Hello mikereiner,

Because the new Series III rack mixers offer 4 user defined effect units (each of the 4 units can one of the following: reverb, delay, chorus, flanger), simply pick a delay on one of the 4 FX units, then keep the FX unit open to use the tap tempo button.