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Change default location for mixdowns?

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asked Jun 22, 2018 in Studio One 4 by dmitrykuvalin (970 points)
Hi! I would be very happy if will be possibility  to change default location for mixdowns (instead of "Studio One/Song/.../Mixdown ). Every time I need to choose my own folder on the computer. This feature can save lot of time :) Thanks!

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answered Jun 22, 2018 by AlexTinsley (909,960 points)
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Next to the file location in the MixDown menu is an icon with three dots, click this to specify new mixdown location. 

As an alternative you can bounce / export any selected audio to a file location of your choosing. 

In the Audio Menu you'll find these options. 

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answered Jun 22, 2018 by dmitrykuvalin (970 points)
I know about "3 dots icon". I'd like to make a default location, and do not click every time and choose it by "3 dots icon". I want Studio One every time export mixdowns to the location I want by default. Thanks!
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answered Sep 11, 2020 by alfredogonzalez10 (300 points)
I also want this feature! Exporting in Studio One is so annoying (especially when your mixdown is giving you headaches and every time I go to export it switches back to the default path!!!). Sorry this isn't an answer but it makes me want to rip my hair out. Hopefully Presonus sees this
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answered Oct 15, 2020 by robertw (910 points)
Yeah - that would be great, I never, ever want Studio One to export my mixdown to Song Folder as it is default, and I have to change it manually every launch.. I'm sure that most users export their results to desktop or proper folders.